We at www.erpkite.com has onboard members and alumni from the world’s top EdTech (a combination of “education” and “technology”). The people behind this has created this resource while working to help the certification aspirant and as the primary purpose is to help and not earn, the membership fees kept as down as possible. The fees have a direct relation with the number of subscribers to the course, if the number increases, the price goes down. We normally predict a sale number and accordingly price the certification (keeping in mind the expenses for getting the questions prepared from the best and well-experienced consultants), if the target number is overachieved, we reduce the price, which helps new users. Also, we do offer returning customer benefits.

We at www.erpkite.com do not compromise on the quality of the exam we provide; each question that goes to our course material gets validated by the most experienced professional. We take professional and paid service as we want to reduce the burden of the certification aspirant and do not want them to suffer losses due to wrong or inferior quality material. One thing is assured when it comes to www.erpkite.com, quality never gets compromised. We at www.erpkite.com creates high-quality content for those certification aspirants who are paying big money on their certifications and many of them failed just because they do not know how to deal with the exam and exam pressure, time management and not to get trapped in confusing MCQ. We are happy as our content is not only used by individuals but also by coaching institutes and commercial organizations around the world.


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