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How SAP Certification can help you with the new technological advancements happening every day, the field of Information Technology (IT) is moving at the speed of light. To progress in their careers and keep ahead of all the new technology, IT professionals need to equip themselves with the necessary skills to survive in this rapidly changing technological landscape. This is where certifications like SAP come into play. But before we dive into the different advantages of getting SAP-certified, let’s understand what SAP is all about.

SAP, named after the German multinational of the same name, stands for Systems Applications and products in the field of data processing. The company serves its users with its enterprise resource planning ERP software. With a global presence in over 200 countries, SAP enables interactions with a host of applications over a single database.

What do statistics say?

4,25,000 customers use SAP software and services in over 180 countries. Some big giants like BMW, The Coca-Cola Company, Airbus, are transforming their businesses with SAP software and services. About 42,842 SAP clients belong to Information technology services alone. 75% of the total companies listed in Nifty and Sensex work on SAP solutions. Due to its widespread acceptance and usage all over the globe, SAP provides IT professionals with a promising opportunity to take their careers to the next level.

Benefits of holding an SAP certification

Excellent Growth Prospects with SAP Certification:

Due to its widespread use and popularity, today’s IT professionals can look forward to better job prospects in the SAP domain. In some companies and for some senior management positions, SAP certification is not an option anymore; it is mandated to have an SAP certification in one’s field of work. This is probably because of the high demand for SAP services and solutions in most Indian and international organizations.

SAP Certification can Get you Better Compensation:

SAP certification definitely provides professionals an edge with pay packages. According to a survey conducted by the Times group, compensation and benefits of SAP professionals are 34% more than those without an SAP certification. This is because people with a certification in SAP possess indispensable skills and abilities that differentiate them from those who do not have the certification. Although an individual’s salary may be based on his/her educational background, qualifications, and competencies required to do the job, SAP sure does play a big part in giving a solid boost to the salary package of IT professionals.

SAP Certification for Sure Place Better Market Reputation:

Market research shows that SAP certified professionals have a higher chance of securing a job as compared to non-certified candidates. People having an SAP certification are trusted for their skills and knowledge and draw higher preferences from employers.

SAP Certified are at Twice Good chance of Promotion:

SAP-certified professionals have a clear advantage over their non-certified colleagues in terms of knowledge and domain expertise. An SAP certification provides a professional with personal and company recognition and supports career progression. This enables them to climb the ladder of success faster.

Better Management Scope with SAP Certification:

SAP-certified professionals are problem solvers and possess a unique ability to work on a project end-to-end. The certifications are designed to empower IT professionals to carry out any management function in any department of an organization effectively. The SAP certification covers a wide range of business functions like sales, development and technology, consulting services and support, and marketing and communications.

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What do you get as SAP Certified Professional?

SAP implementation can be really challenging for beginners, and therefore, self-study might not always do. Erpkite gives you the confidence to pass the SAP certification exam in a single attempt, unlimited practice tests, 90-day access to the course materials and test series, real SAP test environment with exam policies, patterns, and marking at a bargain price. You can check out the entire portfolio of SAP certification test courses and practice series


Considering the ever-growing demand for SAP certification for IT professionals, it makes much sense to get an SAP certification to advance in your career. Avail of the exclusive opportunity to fast-track your career and get started with your test preparation with Erpkite.

SAP Certification, How to pass, How to clear SAP Certification, How to get SAP Certified, SAP Certification Question Dump, SAP Certification Questions and Answers, SAP Certification Questions PDF, Free Download

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