How to Pass SAP Certification, SAP Exam Questions and Answers, SAP Questions PDF, Free Download

How to Prepare for SAP Certification

Professionals and students are increasingly foraging in the SAP landscape. SAP certifications help validate the experience and expertise of SAP partners, customers, professionals, students, and software users who are looking to be placed in an SAP environment and leveraging the tools at their disposal for better performance at their jobs.

When deciding to get certifications for SAP, starting can be daunting. Especially, for beginners, with not much experience and lack of guidance, preparing for SAP certification is challenging. If you have decided which course to pursue, you can directly skip to the part where I have given preparation and exam tips. If you are yet to decide, you need to start by deciding what do you want to learn like Cloud, applications, database, and technology, analytics, etc.

I hold 7 SAP certifications, and from considerable experience, I am providing you with some fundamental steps you need to ensure for qualifying SAP certification exams. I have passed 5 SAP certification exams in a single attempt, and the following tips have helped me a lot.

Tips to Pass SAP Certification

Tip 1: Study as much as you can- People with a considerable amount of experience or fundamental knowledge about SAP courses as relevant to their profile, go for their desired SAP courses. This entails if you are going to take an SAP course, you need to have relevant experience with the same. You need a good few months of experience with the SAP course you are wanting to get certified with and add to that thorough preparation of all the concepts. The course notes are very important, they can be found on numerous dumps on the internet, or you can purchase test series packages that come with the syllabus and notes.

Tip 2: Gather as much information as you can about the exam itself from the SAP training website. You need to look at a few things like the topics covered and the weightage given to each component, pass mark or cut score, the total number of questions and time allowed to attempt the exam and the sample questions. You also need to select the appropriate level of certification you want to pass, whether to do an associate or professional certification exam. The associate-level certifications are for beginners, people who are mostly new to the SAP, whereas the professional-level certification exams are for people with a deep knowledge of the area/course and who have worked on a relevant project.

Tip 3: Take genuine practice test series with erpkite. All the questions are prepared by SAP experts and professionals from various industries. Also, the website collects feedback from previous SAP aspirants and certified candidates who have taken their tests to improve the accuracy of the questions. I myself prepared for my SAP exams with the help of test series from erpkite. Actually helped me a lot with my certification.

I suggest you do not waste your time and money on dumps that claim to provide you with exam questions. SAP does not publish their questions on any site, so the questions on the dumps are useless, outdated and misleading.

Tip 4: Plan ahead for what to expect at the exam: Book your exam a few months before the start of your formal training in SAP. You need a couple of months to thoroughly prepare for the exam. Read the whole course material atleast once, focus on topics that have a high number of questions, and create questions yourself from those topics to test your knowledge.

Tip 5: Use all of the allotted time: The standard SAP exam has 80 questions that need to be completed within 180 minutes, which is more than enough time to attempt all the questions. You need to resist the temptation to leave early. Check your answers before leaving, there’s a timer which will inform you when your exam will end.

Tip 6: Know what to expect at the SAP exam center- you may be required to handover everything you have before you enter the exam hall, you will be provided with a pen and paper, and you will be supervised by the invigilator throughout your exam.

Tip 7: Reach each question twice before responding: Watch out for the dangerous ‘NOT’. Pay attention to the nuances. Check if each question requires one or more than one answers. The algorithm alerts you if you have placed 0 answers but doesn’t tell you if you have placed too many or too less answers. Many questions are translated from German, so they might look a bit odd. The exam application allows you to bookmark questions so use this feature to mark questions that you are not 100% sure of and can always come back later for. The exam tool doesn’t tell you how far you are into the exam like whether you are on question 45 of the 80 questions, it only tells you how far along you are in the current section.

That’s my guidance and tips for you after 7 SAP certifications. I hope this provides you with a useful template for your SAP certificate preparation. All the best for your test!

How to Pass SAP Certification, SAP Exam Questions and Answers, SAP Questions PDF, Free Download

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