One of the most frequently asked questions is whether should I do an SAP certification exam. Let me tell you some facts: SAP certification has been ranked as one of the top 7 skills in IT infrastructure demand in the coming years partly because it offers the best enterprise planning resource tools, and it is extensively used worldwide from small and medium-sized organizations to large multinationals like Marvel Technologies, Google, Coca Cola, etc. with such a tremendous demand in the upcoming years, SAP certifications are gaining fast acceptance, and readily getting into hot demand for IT professionals and managers.

So, in my opinion, yes. SAP certifications are worth it, it gives you the edge over a lot of other experienced people and it will pay itself in the longer run. I work as an HR consultant and a lot of our clients have SAP-certified requirements. As an HR consultant, we have built a robust pipeline of SAP-certified consultants for which, under the learning and development program, we identify talented people and pay off their SAP certifications costs. You too can look out for the same within your organization.

1.Associate or professional exam? : The second greatest dilemma when it comes to SAP certification is whether should I opt for an associate or a professional exam. I would recommend an associate certification. Instead of going for fancy certification names, pick out an area you are very familiar with. You’ll have a better chance of passing the SAP certification exam.

2.Prepare well: I often get asked, ‘How do I pass the exam in one attempt?’. Regardless of your professional experience, this exam will be challenging. SAP is making efforts to make the questions more relevant to real-life scenarios through crowdsourcing attempts. Read the course material provided in your classroom training as primary study material. If you find a website that claims to have the “actual” SAP questions, that is outright fraud so don’t trust these websites. Get a good synopsis of all the material that you are expected to know before taking the certification exam. The course notes are very useful, so focus on getting your hands on them.

3.Learn everything you can: Gather as much information as you get from the SAP training website. You need to know about the topics covered and the weight given to each topic, sample questions, passing marks for each section, the number of questions, and the time allowed for each section/question. You can prepare by breaking section to section topic wise questions, the weightage of each topic for example from previous paper patterns and topic wise analysis you can know to expect only 2 questions on data modeller but 8 questions on data dictionary.

4.Take practice test series: A lot of practice test series are crowdsourced from industry experts and people who have already attempted the certification exam. You can browse websites that provide practice test questions and give you a real-time test environment to practice before you appear for the real exam.

5.Don’t memorize T-codes: SAP has a lot of T-codes and it is humanly not possible to memorize them all, besides SAP rarely asks questions on T-codes so why go through the hassle?

6.Understand Concepts: Understand the concepts, not mug up codes and definitely not the menu path. The SAP certification exams are for professionals and they are designed to test your knowledge in the domain. It is certainly not a memory test.

7.Cover everything: Don’t live any chapters from the coure material, cover all fundamentals and have a good understanding of all the concepts with project you have previously worked on.

8.Visualise yourself in live scenarios: SAP asks questions based on live scenarios so while preparing for the exam, try to correlate whatever you have learned with real life scenarios.

9.Stay focused: professionals are occupied with a lot of things ongoing, and it is easy to loose focus. Be diligent in doing all the exercises provided in your course material.

10.Don’t rush: answer the questions for which you already know the answers, SAP exam provides a bookmark tool so you can always bookmark questions and revisit later before submitting your exam. Besides 180 minutes is sufficient time to finish your exam on time after attempting all questions.

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