This page provides you with the real and most updated / latest Certification Question with Correct Answers for the SAP ABAP with SAP NetWeaver (C_TAW12_750). We at ERPKITE providing these questions for free to all the SAP certification candidate to showcase the quality of the question prepared by our SAP subject experts.


We have developed an advanced methodology to prepare for the SAP ABAP NW (C_TAW12_750) exam to make it easy for anyone to pass the SAP C_TAW12_750 certification and be certified on the SAP ABAP with SAP NetWeaver. The methodology is practice to learn, as the memory principle and many deep research suggest, the practice could lead to a very long-lasting memory.


Highly Recommended Practice test: SAP ABAP NW PRACTICE TEST
Complete Syllabus: SAP C_TAW12_750 Syllabus


SAP ABAP NW (C_TAW12_750) Free Sample Questions

Question: 1
Private components of the class cannot be addressed directly from outside the class except when the friendship concept applies

A. False
B. True

Question: 2
The READ-ONLY addition for the attribute declaration can be used in the private and public visibility section.

A. True
B. False

Question: 3
Customer exits provide program exit, screen exit, and menu exit enhancements.

A. True
B. False

Question: 4
The ALV is entirely implemented using ABAP Objects.

A. False
B. True

Question: 5
Local data objects can be defined using ABAP Dictionary types

A. False
B. True

Question: 6
What is the default selection screen number for the ABAP program?

A. 1100
B. None of the above
C. 1000
D. 100

Question: 7
Where should the labels for fields be stored?

A. Data element
B. Structure
C. Field
D. Domain
E. Table

Question: 8
You must call a method to actually display the contents of the display table after you create an ALV

A. True
B. False

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