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Complete Syllabus: SAP C_TFIN22_67 Syllabus


SAP CO (C_TFIN22_67) Free Sample Questions

Question: 1

Which planning transactions debit receivers with secondary cost elements?

There are 2 correct answers to this question.


A. Transfer of depreciations from Asset Accounting
B. Activity input planning
C. Transfer of personnel costs from SAP HCM
D. Plan assessment


Question: 2

The characteristic of tangible goods are stated below. Which of the following statement not correct?
Please choose the correct answer.


A. Materials can be produced in-house, subcontracted or procured externally.
B. Productobject. cost estimate can also be used for comparison purpose in cost controlling
C. No inventory exists.
D. The product cost planning is used to arrive at the cost estimate for the same.


Question: 3

Why is preliminary cost estimate required?

Please choose the correct answer.


A. To valuate work in progress.
B. To calculate production variances in variance calculation.
C. To valuate the unplanned scrap in variance calculation.
D. To confirm the actual activity quantities.
E. All the above


Question: 4

Which of the following statement not correct with reference to revaluation?

Please choose the correct answer.


A. We can increase or decrease planning data on a percentage basis.
B. We can revaluate cost and amounts.
C. We can revaluate all cost elements used in the primary cost element and revenue planning.
D. We can revaluate assessment cost center, imputed cost elements and cost elements used in indirect activity allocation.


Question: 5

How is the preliminary costing of a production order calculated?

Please choose the correct answer.


A. The quantity structure in the production order is valuated by the costing variant settings
B. The costs are determined by the cost estimate of a reference order.
C. The actual quantities are valuated with plan values.
D. The standard price cost estimate of the material master record is adjusted to the order quantity.

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