This page provides you with the real and most updated / latest Certification Question with Correct Answers for the SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager (E_ACTCLD_21 / E_ACTCLD_23). We at ERPKITE providing these questions for free to all the SAP certification candidate to showcase the quality of the question prepared by our SAP subject experts.


We have developed an advanced methodology to prepare for the SAP MCI (E_ACTCLD_21 / E_ACTCLD_23) exam to make it easy for anyone to pass the SAP E_ACTCLD_21 / E_ACTCLD_23 certification and be certified on the SAP Activate for Cloud Solutions Project Manager. The methodology is practice to learn, as the memory principle and many deep research suggest, the practice could lead to a very long-lasting memory.


Highly Recommended Practice test: SAP MCI PRACTICE TEST
Complete Syllabus: SAP E_ACTCLD_21 / E_ACTCLD_23 Syllabus


SAP MCI (E_ACTCLD_21 / E_ACTCLD_23) Free Sample Questions

Question: 1

What is the purpose of a firm-up sprint?

A. To revise the release plan and sprint plan
B. To run an end-to-end integration test
C. To demonstrate functionality from previous sprints
D. To perform string test

Question: 2

What tool provides guidance on replacing custom code developed for SAP ERP with SAP S/4HANA functionality for the system conversion?

A. Simplification item check (Si-check)
B. Software provisioning manager
C. SAP code inspector
D. Software update manager with database migration option

Question: 3

Which content is made available after you activate SAP Best Practices for a new financial implementation? There are 2 answers to this question.

A. Online help
B. Standard chart of accounts
C. Implementation Guide
D. Pre-configured business processes

Question: 4

In which tools can the project team across the SAP Activate Methodology content including accelerators? There are 2 answers to this question.

A. Roadmap Viewer
B. SAP Service Marketplace
C. SAP Jam
D. SAP Community Network

Question: 5
What solution? Please choose the answer.

A. Configuration Composer
B. Expert Configuration
C. SAP Implementation Guide
D. ABAP Workbench

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