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We have developed an advanced methodology to prepare for the SAP SD (C_TSCM62_67) exam to make it easy for anyone to pass the SAP C_TSCM62_67 certification and be certified on the Sales and Distribution, ERP 6.0 EhP7. The methodology is practice to learn, as the memory principle and many deep research suggest, the practice could lead to a very long-lasting memory.


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Complete Syllabus: SAP C_TSCM62_67 Syllabus


SAP SD (C_TSCM62_67) Free Sample Questions

Question: 1

If the material entered in the sales order is not available, how is the user alerted to this situation?

A. The availability control screen is displayed.
B. The system automatically sets the order quantity to zero.
C. The incompletion log displays the unconfirmed schedule line as a missing field.
D. The system highlights the schedule line.


Question: 2

Which of the following elements can directly influence whether an availability check will be performed? (Choose two)

A. The schedule line category in the sales document
B. The item category in the sales document
C. The delivery type
D. The checking group in the material master


Question: 3

Based on which of the following dates is the availability check (ATP) carried out?

A. Requested delivery date
B. Material availability date
C. Confirmed delivery date
D. Replenishment lead date


Question: 4

In which of the following scenarios can you use the material listing function?

A. To set a list of materials that the customer can buy
B. To generate a detailed report about materials
C. To set a list of materials that the customer cannot buy
D. To group materials to different lists


Question: 5

Which of these components is included in SAP Solution Manager?

A. Service Desk
B. Enterprise Search
C. SAP NetWeaver Business Warehouse
D. Master data management

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