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We have developed an advanced methodology to prepare for the SAP SRM (C_SRM_72) exam to make it easy for anyone to pass the SAP C_SRM_72 certification and be certified on the Supplier Relationship Management. The methodology is practice to learn, as the memory principle and many deep research suggest, the practice could lead to a very long-lasting memory.


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Complete Syllabus: SAP C_SRM_72 Syllabus


SAP SRM (C_SRM_72) Free Sample Questions

Question: 1

Where is the setting that enables a purchaser to enter a bid on behalf of a supplier?

A. Business Partner
B. Implementation Guide (IMG)
C. Vendor Group
D. Organization Plan


Question: 2

What control setting is maintained in the transaction type of an RFx?

A. Allow automatic extension
B. Allow surrogate bidding
C. Allow multiple currencies
D. Allow bidders to add new items


Question: 3

For which kind of auctions do you use proxy bidding?

A. For auctions without lots
B. For auctions without overall best bid validation
C. For auctions with bid decrements at the auction header
D. For auctions without reserve price


Question: 4

What option in Import Manager is used to map 1 source field to multiple destination fields?

A. Compounding
B. Adding
C. Cloning
D. Renaming


Question: 5

Which mode in the MDM Data Manager allows you to assign attributes to categories in a hierarchy?

A. Taxonomy mode
B. Record mode
C. Matching mode
D. Hierarchy mode

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