If you are looking for the course and syllabus details for SAP EWM with S/4 HANA exam, you are at the right place. We at ERPKITE provide the most updated Certificate Syllabus and Simplified Practice Test for the C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021 certificate exam. These certificate details for Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA are captured from the official SAP source.

This certification test C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021 validates the candidate’s knowledge on Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA and on passing the exam successfully, the candidate will be awarded SAP Certificate, which carries high value internationally.

SAP EWM with S/4 HANA – C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021 Syllabus and Cost as Follow,

This is Associate level certificate and the candidate will be awarded as SAP Certified Extended Warehouse Management with SAP S/4HANA. The Certification Fees what SAP charge is $610.00 (USD) for the Exam code C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021, Candidate needs to finish the exam in 180 minutes and total Question would be 80. The candidate needs to get a passing score of 66% in the C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021 Certificate exam. Please note, the charges and other details are for SAP official Certification and not for the ERPKITE’s Practice test.

One can even refer to the C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021 – SAP EWM with S/4 HANA’s Syllabus details on the official SAP web as well.

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Here is the detailed Syllabus for SAP EWM with S/4 HANA – C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021,

Inbound Processes (Value Added Services, Cross-docking, Quality Management) > 12%

Execute Inbound Processes with value added services (VAS) or deconsolidation; Set up deliveries for cross-docking (CD) or quality inspection (QIE).

Outbound Processes (Wave Management, Cross-docking, Production Integration) > 12%

Combine outbound deliveries using wave management, packing and kitting in outbound processes, and stage products for production.

Cross Topics (Labor Management, Exception Handling, Batches, Serial Numbers) 8% – 12%

Set up labor management and exception handling; Work with additional product information.

Warehouse Structure, Resource Management and SAP EWM Master Data 8% – 12%

Define the warehouse structure and set up resource management; Create SAP EWM Master Data like dtorage bins and products, packaging specifications, supply chain units, and business partners.

System Integration, Master Data and Delivery Document Customizing 8% – 12%

Set up system integration; Distribute master data and customize delivery documents.

Process and Layout Oriented Storage Control 8% – 12%

Create customizing settings and use Process and Layout-Oriented Storage Control.

Warehouse Process Types, Warehouse Task Creation, Strategies 8% – 12%

Define Warehouse process types and set up determination. Define Putaway and Picking Strategies.

Internal processing (Physical Inventory, Replenishment) < 8%

Define physical inventory processes, and set up and execute replenishment.

Warehouse Management (Monitor – Cockpit) < 8%

Monitor warehouse activities using Warehouse Management Monitor, Warehouse Cockpit, and analytical apps.

Shipping and Receiving < 8%

Configure Yard Management, SAP Dock Appointment Scheduling, and use the Shipping Cockpit.

Warehouse Order and Warehouse Order Creation Rules < 8%

Define Warehouse Order Creation Rules.

The above details are collected from the source on the SAP EWM with S/4 HANA – C_S4EWM_2020 / C_S4FCF_2021 made available publicly by the SAP organization as per our best knowledge, one may refer to the SAP web for any further clarity on the latest updates or changes.