SAP CCD (P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12) Certification Exam Syllabus

If you are looking for the course and syllabus details for SAP CCD exam, you are at the right place. We at ERPKITE provide the most updated Certificate Syllabus and Simplified Practice Test for the P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12 certificate exam. These certificate details for SAP Commerce Cloud Developer are captured from the official SAP source.

This certification test P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12 validates the candidate’s knowledge on SAP Commerce Cloud Developer and on passing the exam successfully, the candidate will be awarded SAP Certificate, which carries high value internationally.

SAP CCD – P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12 Syllabus and Cost as Follow,

This is Professional level certificate and the candidate will be awarded as SAP Certified SAP Commerce Cloud Developer. The Certification Fees what SAP charge is $610.00 (USD) for the Exam code P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12, Candidate needs to finish the exam in 180 minutes and total Question would be 80. The candidate needs to get a passing score of 61% in the P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12 Certificate exam. Please note, the charges and other details are for SAP official Certification and not for the ERPKITE’s Practice test.

One can even refer to the P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12 – SAP CCD’s Syllabus details on the official SAP web as well.

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Here is the detailed Syllabus for SAP CCD – P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12,

Platform Features > 12%

Explain how to use events, advanced features of impex, spring contexts in SAP Commerce Cloud suite and how cronjobs and cluster communication work.

Commerce and Accelerator > 12%

Create new Addon, OCC Webservice, promotion, order splitting strategy, CMS navigation bar; configure accelerator based storefront and product converters; explain internationalization and request handling in Accelerator, as well as Hot Folders transformation.

Data Modeling 8% – 12%

Model new data types and extend existing ones including localized attributes and enumeration; configure indices and deployments, and identify how types are stored in database; create advanced FlexibleSearch queries, and determine the consequences of using variants, category variants and classification attributes.

Platform Basics 8% – 12%

Explain the concepts of system initialization, update, essential and project data, sessions handling, and extensions structures; configure platform start and change its build procedure; identify caching behavior and  model interceptors and how transactions work in SAP Commerce Cloud Suite.


Customer Experience 8% – 12%

Explain the CMS items hierarchy, configure the data model of base store, website, warehouse, Point of Sale and their relations; create new and configure existing CMS restrictions, explain their evaluation, and new CMS component types.

Search and Navigation 8% – 12%

Create new Solr index, facet, facet range, and explain Solr topology; configure autosuggestion, keywords, stopwords, synonyms, hero products and boost rules.

Orders 8% – 12%

Create and start a business process; explain the fulfilment process and its subprocesess, shopping cart handling including various checkout scenarios, and identify features available in Assisted Service Module and available Customer Service operations in SAP Commerce Cloud suite.

Backoffice and Backoffice Cockpits Modifications < 8%

Describe how to create a new backoffice application and its widgets using the Backoffice framework and introduce Backoffice cockpits modifications into SAP Commerce Cloud accelerator.

User Management < 8%

Configure user rights and search restrictions; switch user context in a given code, and explain B2B hierarchy.

PCM Basics and Price Modeling < 8%

Explain price calculation, retrieval logic,  media objects handling, and configure synchronization jobs; create a workflow.

Commerce Cloud and Cloud Portal Basics < 8%

Explain the SAP Commerce Cloud Architecture; describe how to build manifests, how to manage environments, how to connect to the code repository and how to build and deploy your application on Cloud Portal.

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The above details are collected from the source on the SAP CCD – P_C4HCD_1905 / P_C4H340_12 made available publicly by the SAP organization as per our best knowledge, one may refer to the SAP web for any further clarity on the latest updates or changes.