SAP Fiori Developer (C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22) Certification Exam Syllabus

If you are looking for the course and syllabus details for SAP Fiori Developer exam, you are at the right place. We at ERPKITE provide the most updated Certificate Syllabus and Simplified Practice Test for the C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22 certificate exam. These certificate details for SAP Fiori Application Developer are captured from the official SAP source.

This certification test C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22 validates the candidate’s knowledge on SAP Fiori Application Developer and on passing the exam successfully, the candidate will be awarded SAP Certificate, which carries high value internationally.

SAP Fiori Developer – C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22 Syllabus and Cost as Follow,

This is Associate level certificate and the candidate will be awarded as SAP Certified SAP Fiori Application Developer. The Certification Fees what SAP charge is $610.00 (USD) for the Exam code C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22, Candidate needs to finish the exam in 180 minutes and total Question would be 80. The candidate needs to get a passing score of 66% in the C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22 Certificate exam. Please note, the charges and other details are for SAP official Certification and not for the ERPKITE’s Practice test.

One can even refer to the C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22 – SAP Fiori Developer’s Syllabus details on the official SAP web as well.

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Here is the detailed Syllabus for SAP Fiori Developer – C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22,

SAPUI5 Foundations > 12%

Explain MVC and application architecture, the concept of modules, implement controls using the SAPUI5 framework (standard and custom), and bind Data to a UI5 Control; Describe and work with Key Responsive Design Controls, Translatable Texts, App Descriptor, aggregation binding, Dialogs and Fragments, Expression Binding, Custom Formatting, Filtering, grouping and sorting, and work with diagrams.

Deployment & Testing > 12%

Deploy an application on an ABAP Server, an application on the SAP Hana Cloud Platform. Write Unit-Tests, unit test with QUnit, create a QUnit Test Scenario, apply integration a test with OPA5, and create an OPA5 Test Scenario.

SAP Fiori Launchpad Configuration 8% – 12%

Explain configuration of SAP Fiori Launchpad.

SAP Fiori Strategy, Standards and Guidelines 8% – 12%

Define SAP Fiori Key principles, SAP Fiori application types, elements of User Experience Design, the concept of Design Thinking, the Problem Space and Solution Space phases in the Design Thinking process, and implement SAP Fiori UIs using the SAP Fiori Design Guidelines.

SAP HANA Cloud Platform and Web IDE Basics 8% – 12%

Describe the SAP HANA Cloud Platform and the Prototyping, Development, Packaging, Deployment and Extensibility  tools available in SAP Web IDE.

OData and Advanced Data Handling 8% – 12%

Register OData Service at Frontend Server, describe an oData Model and how to access backend data by the way of OData-specific data binding feature, implement data binding using XML data, describe the OData Write-Support, OData Deep Inserts, and perform tasks associated with adding, updating and deleting backend data from within a SAPUI5 application, and implement a Facet Filter control and in App Navigation and deep Linking.

Extensibility in SAPUI5 8% – 12%

Describe the concept of Extensibility in SAPUI5 and Extension Points in SAPUI5, implement View Replacement, View Modification, View Extension, Controller Extension, and Hook Methods, and extend Translations with Customer Properties.

SAP Fiori Elements & Smartcontrols 8% – 12%

Describe the use of SAP Fiori Elements and Smartcontrols.

SAP Fiori Architecture Overview < 8%

Describe the architecture and components of a typical SAP Fiori landscape.

  • UX100 (SAP S/4HANA 1909)

The above details are collected from the source on the SAP Fiori Developer – C_FIORDEV_21 / C_FIORDEV_22 made available publicly by the SAP organization as per our best knowledge, one may refer to the SAP web for any further clarity on the latest updates or changes.