SAP HANATECH 17 (C_HANATEC_17) Certification Exam Syllabus

If you are looking for the course and syllabus details for SAP HANATECH 17 exam, you are at the right place. We at ERPKITE provide the most updated Certificate Syllabus and Simplified Practice Test for the C_HANATEC_17 certificate exam. These certificate details for SAP HANATECH 17 are captured from the official SAP source.

This certification test C_HANATEC_17 validates the candidate’s knowledge on SAP HANATECH 17 and on passing the exam successfully, the candidate will be awarded SAP Certificate, which carries high value internationally.

SAP HANATECH 17 – C_HANATEC_17 Syllabus and Cost as Follow,

This is Associate level certificate and the candidate will be awarded as SAP Certified SAP HANATECH 17. The Certification Fees what SAP charge is $610.00 (USD) for the Exam code C_HANATEC_17, Candidate needs to finish the exam in 180 minutes and total Question would be 80. The candidate needs to get a passing score of 61% in the C_HANATEC_17 Certificate exam. Please note, the charges and other details are for SAP official Certification and not for the ERPKITE’s Practice test.

One can even refer to the C_HANATEC_17 – SAP HANATECH 17’s Syllabus details on the official SAP web as well.

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Here is the detailed Syllabus for SAP HANATECH 17 – C_HANATEC_17,

SAP HANA Installation, Configuration and Upgrade > 12%

Performing installation, update and post-installation configuration tasks of the SAP HANA 2.0 database system.

—– OR —–

  • SAP HANA Admin.& Installation LR

SAP HANA Database Administration > 12%

Performing the daily SAP HANA database administration tasks using SAP HANA cockpit.

SAP HANA High Availability and Disaster Recovery > 12%

Install, configure and monitor SAP HANA database systems that are setup in a scale-out or in system replication configuration.

—– OR —–

  • SAP HANA Admin.& Installation LR

SAP HANA Architecture and Deployment Options 8% – 12%

Describing the SAP HANA database system architecture and the different deployment options.

SAP HANA Backup and Recovery 8% – 12%

Configure and execute SAP HANA database system backups and restores in single host and system replication setups.

—– OR —–

  • SAP HANA Admin.& Installation LR

SAP HANA Database Security 8% – 12%

Understand the SAP HANA database system security concepts, create SAP HANA users and roles and setup audit policies.

—– OR —–

  • SAP HANA Admin.& Installation LR

SAP HANA Monitoring and Troubleshooting 8% – 12%

Monitor and analyze the performance of SAP HANA systems, and be able to troubleshoot problems and perform  Root Cause Analysis using the SAP HANA cockpit tools.

Database Migration Options for SAP HANA 8% – 12%

Be able to perform database migrations from AnyDB to SAP HANA using the Database Migration Option (DMO) of SUM.

The above details are collected from the source on the SAP HANATECH 17 – C_HANATEC_17 made available publicly by the SAP organization as per our best knowledge, one may refer to the SAP web for any further clarity on the latest updates or changes.